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Classes offer a lot of variety based on individuals capabilities. Well thought out exercise routines with music to assist in rhythm and flow. Can participate in person or Zoom with the focus on seniors. And the staff is very responsive and gets to know each person. They fill a void in the typical healthcare club who has no idea how to put a plan/routine together for older citizens. Give it a try!

G. Brown

My mother, who is 87 years old, has been attending TherHab exercise classes for several months. I have been amazed at her progress; she is even stronger, her balance is better and she has more endurance. Plus, she actually enjoys the exercise and the comradery with the others.I have watched many of the classes and have been very impressed with the level of the exercises, the improvement of the participants, and how much fun it is. TherHab has shown a great deal of sensitivity to each individual’s needs and abilities. Instructors encourage everyone to do his/her best while making it enjoyable for all.
I’m not sure what my mother’s condition would be if we had not found TherHab- it has truly been a remarkable discovery for her and her improvement is nothing short of amazing.

B. Mimic

My mom, B. Thompson, is 86 and has Parkinson’s. She was prone to falls and had begun to “shuffle” walk with a pronounced “bent-over” posture. She had to have my assistance every time she got out of bed during the night. We feel extremely fortunate to have discovered TherHab. Mom began her StrengthHab class in July and can now walk with a normal gait and straight posture. She loves her classes and the friends she has made, and I no longer have to get up with her during the night, giving her back some independence and me more sleep!!”

E. Byers

I have back issues, problems with the rotator cuff on both shoulders, I am obese, and on oxygen. Even with all of that, I feel that the classes have helped me to go about my days in a better feeling and more balanced way.

L. Devor

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