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We offer a cutting edge approach to group fitness that combines physical therapy and occupational therapy principles, concepts and theory into fun, upbeat and easy to follow classes which address mobility, flexibility, balance and pain while gaining functional strength and endurance.

If you use a walker or a cane for balance, have limited endurance, or are just beginning an exercise program this class is a good choice. Ideal for individuals who are concerned about their balance, strength and walking ability. It is also perfect for anyone with a history of falling or anyone who needs assist to get up from a chair. Standing exercises are performed while holding the balance bar and sitting in the chair.

Good for a variety of individuals, including those that use a cane. It is also ideal for those who wish to prevent falls, increase functional strength and mobility. This class is a little more challenging with a faster pace and longer aerobics.
The cross-training approach with StrengthHab includes multiple formats that change every day for constant fun variety and maximal improvement in
health, endurance, strength, posture, balance, and flexibility.

This wellness class contains the aerobics, strengthening, balance and flexibility and is designed for individuals just beginning an exercise program but ready for more intensity and a slightly faster pace. The aerobics is a mixture of slow and fast moves. No seated exercise in the class. The balance bar is used for strengthening and balance work. Variations: Basic, lunge interval, circle, step and dance

This interval class is a great class for people serious about improving their health, strength and stamina. This very fun and innovative class includes modified H.I.T. (high intensity interval training) training with intervals that can be modified. Don’t be afraid to try this efficient class! Power and speed moves can be modified at the balance bars

Get moving with this fun and energetic class!
Perfect for individuals ready to try a faster and more challenging class with a format that is simple and easy to modify- options given to add variety and coordination challenges.
The class can be modified to be performed at the balance bar for individuals who feel more comfortable with a little support.
The majority of the class consists of action-packed standing exercise and aerobics.

A fun challenge of simple choreography put together in patterns that build on one another. A very exciting class working on cardio, strengthening, flexibility and balance with a very fun simple dance flair. (You do not have to be dancer to enjoy this class- but you do need to be ready to move, have fun and laugh!) If you like line dancing you will love this class.

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Lots of variety and challenge with this combination of fun, slow-paced step aerobics mixed with low impact aerobics. The use of the step is a very effective way to strengthen the legs with power moves! You will gain leg strength making it easier to get up from a lower surface, hike, and ascend stairs. A great way to keep yourself challenged to continually improve your fitness and stamina.

ChiHab is a blend of neuroplasticity, vestibular rehab, functional strengthening, cognitive exercise and coordination training combined with principles from Tai Chi.
Have fun performing postures that build on one another to improve leg strength balance, coordination, flexibility and ease of movement with this fun and dynamic class.

Participants with arthritis learn how to safely exercise without exacerbating symptoms. Strategies are given to manage arthritis pain in class and at home with range of motion, positioning and posture. Form, technique, and posture are emphasized. Class will cover all of the major muscles groups and joints commonly affected by arthritis.
JointHab® is also perfect for individuals just beginning an exercise program

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